Meghna is a 2.0 version of herself in 2025.

Meghna Thakur
2 min readJan 5, 2021

Meghna being a Graduate in Commerce and a Total Fresher in Digital Marketing Field who joined Digital Deepak Internship Program 4 years back has changed the world with her bold writing and thoughts.

She is a Successful

  1. Entrepreneur (She has her own brand and also helps other brands with her creative and strategic thinking to expand and grow faster.)
  2. Motivational Speaker (She heads several seminars and webinars all over the world and talks about — how positive mindset is important but ACTION is the most important thing to achieve what you want, easy ways to stop procrastinating, easy ways to avoid your negative surroundings and people and focus on your own growth and success.)
  3. Philanthropist

She also owns and works with several NGOs for a better living society.

She highly spreads social awareness through her blogs, campaigns, seminars, conferences, webinars, etc. about the most common but ignorant issues like -

  1. Women’s Safety and Equality
  2. Transgender Equality and Equal Rights
  3. Violence against Women
  4. Handicapped People Equal Rights
  5. Human Trafficking
  6. Population Control
  7. Corruption
  8. Animal Safety
  9. Water and Air Pollution
  10. Environment Safety
  11. Recycling and Reusing

and many more…

She encourages people to come forward and donate for the needy people, animals, and explains how even a small donation can mean a lot to those who need them. Through her speech and blogs, she explains and make people understand that how satisfying and fulfilling it is, to buy things for others than buying it for ourselves.

She is currently in discussion with the Top Philanthropists in the world like Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett to invest in India and Africa, and try to convert them into Developed Countries and make it a better place to LIVE and not just survive!

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Meghna Thakur

Aspire to bring a change in the society and the world as a whole for a better living place for all.